[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1866, between Samuel Newson Gissing, of Islington, John Stearn Gissing, of Woodbridge, surgeon, and William Marjoram, of Debach, bricklayer: conveyance of  freehold cottages and gardens in Debach.  The position of the cottages is described.  Reference is made to the will of Ann Gissing and to other properties in Charsfield, Wickham Market, Clopton, Burgh, and Grundesborough.  Persons mentioned include Molly Stearn, Henry Knights, William Woods, Rev. Robert Reynolds, Robert Allen.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing three  red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1843, between Samuel Ward, of Stowmarket, surgeon, Thomas Studd Harwood, of Battisford, and Joseph Harwood, of Earl Stonham: re appointment and conveyance for £460 of a dwelling house in Stowmarket.  Reference is made to an earlier indenture involving Thomas Prentice, William Prentice, merchants, and others.  A detailed description is given of the position of the house in relation to adjacent properties, mentioning Crow Street, Ipswich Street and Church Lane, and a number of recent occupiers are named.  Persons mentioned include Elizabeth Harwood, Thomas Dains, John Wells Stevens, John Smith, William Good, Sarah Spooner, George Harrington, Robert Folkerd, James Hearn, James Adams, John Aldis, John Hunt, Jeremiah Sheldrake, Henry Rose, William Fiddeman, Manning Prentice.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 3 red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp.  Loosely inserted is a contemporary related certificate on vellum concerning the acknowledgement of deeds by married women, signed by J. Bayly Ransom, Edward Peter Archer, and Thomas Sherwood.  £25


[Manuscript]  A substantial indenture, 1841, between Alfred Bell, of Lincolns Inn Fields, Samuel Harwood, of Beasley Hall, Derbyshire, Thomas Gibbons and William Gibbons, both of Ringshall, farmers: conveyance of a messuage, farm lands and hereditaments at Ringshall.  Some history is recalled through earlier indentures including one of 1806 of lease and release.  Reference is made to the Manor of Ringshall Charles Rockalls and Rawlings.  A number of local place-names are mentioned including Great Lay, Winding Piece, Wattisham Field, Spong Field, Upper Field, Barn Field, Upper Field, Upper Barn Field, Lower Field.   Persons mentioned include John Mills, Richard Wilson, Robert Baxter, Stafford Squire Baxter, John Dayrell Martin, William Abell, Peter Thomas Long, Thomas Allois, Sarah Arabella Martin, John Spurling, William Lankester, Edward Moor, Charles Moor, William Bowter, William Chisholme, Richard John Tucker, Joshua Roesoy, John Augustus Mills, Maria Mills, William Isaacson, Mary Louisa Isaacson, Robert Ansell, Rands Pearle, Philip Laflin, Francis Mascall, Timothy Essex, Jane Essex, Henry Lloyd, Frederick Hayward, Thomas Tomlinson.  Written on 4 large sheets of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 4 red wax seals and 4 blue revenue stamps.  £20


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1839, between Thomas Elliston, of Elmswell, farmer, Reuben Wright, brickmaker, and Robert Wright, farmer and brickmaker: conveyance of an estate at Elmswell subject to a mortgage.  The property includes a messuage with outhouses, orchard, etc., with two closes of pasture sometimes called Wollocks abutting upon a close called Stebbings to the east and Buttenhaugh Green to the west, and four pieces of land, meadow and pasture, one lying at Redley’s, another in a field abutting upon land formerly Elsegood’s called Maberlyns, the third lying at Hart’s Croft, and the fourth enclosed in Redley’s.  The position of the property is described mentioning recent occupiers of adjacent properties.  Reference is made to the Manor of Elmswell.  Persons mentioned include George Pooley, John Hayward,

John Palmer, John Marsh, Robert Fiske, William Hill, John Cambridge, William Smith.  Written on 2 sheets of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 2 red wax seals and two blue revenue stamps.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1897, between John Davies, of Bath, surgeon, Joseph Hill, of Bath, retired banker, George Samuel Pearce, solicitor, and William Edward Taylor, of Stowupland, farmer: conveyance of a messuage called Broadway alias Longway with a cottage and outbuildings, gardens, orchard, etc., together comprising Bush Farm, at Stonham Aspall.  A numer of local place-names are mentioned, e.g. Paddock Long Close, Causeway Field, Bush Cottages, Impaugh Farm, Corner Field, Pack Field, Berys Pightle.  Inset is a detailed coloured plan (18 x 13 cm. approx.), which shows the property in relation to adjacent properties and features, and a schedule of the lands is also incorporated containing references to a tithe map and the ordnance map (neither present).  Persons mentioned include Charles John Bruce Marriott, Elizabeth Marriott, Charles Harwick Marriott, Francis Samuel Clark, George Cracknell, [no forename] Freeman, Miss Buttrum, Hobbs Esq., Mr, Baker, Charles Smith, Edwin King.  Written on 2 large sheets of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 3  red wax seals and one red revenue stamp.  £25


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1844, between James Carr, of Finningham, schoolmaster, and Rev. William Hepworth, of Finningham, clerk: assignment by way of a mortgage of a leasehold messuage and premises at “Stowmarket or Chilton”.  The position of the property is described, mentioning the road leading from Finborough to Stowmarket and adjacent properties, the occupiers of which are named. Persons mentioned include Philip Gurdon, Sarah Gurdon, John Gurdon, John Hallward, William Cardale, Brampton Gurdon Dillingham, Theophilus Thornaugh Gurdon, Rev. Thomas Hallward, Rev. John Hallward the younger, Rev. William Frederick Bird, Rev. Francis Fortescue Knottisford, Rev. Henry Watts Wilkinson, Nathaniel Byles Byles, Jonathan Cooper, John Green Crosse, Dennis Chandler, Robert Ransom, John Bayley Ransom, John George Hart, Francis Wright Everett, Rev. William Ward, Ephraim Rednall, George Carr, John Barnard Byles, Samuel Golding.  Written on 2 large sheets of vellum, in good condition, with some spotting, bearing 2 red wax seals and 2 blue revenue stamps.  £20


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1841, between Thomas Hayward, of Mendlesham, yeoman, Edward Hayward, of Boxford, gardener, John Cook, of Boxford, innkeeper: appointment and release of two pieces of land and hereditaments at Mendlesham, abutting on the road leading from Earl Stonham to Mendlesham.  Their position is described mentioning several occupiers of adjacent properties.  Persons mentioned include Henry Herbert Gissing, Robert Soames, William Batley, Jane Thurman, Edward Pownall.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in good condition, bearing 2 red wax seals  and one blue revenue stamp. £18





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