[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1873, between Allen Harrington, of Needham Market, chemist, and Henry Appleton Bradley, of Stowmarket, currier: conveyance of a freehold double messuage in Stowmarket and a newly built stable.  Part of the property was formerly held as copyhold in the Manor of Stowmarket otherwise Abbotts Hall, and was known as Bartons Farm and recently called Cardens Meadows, “ … abutting upon the new Road from Stowupland Street …”.  A few recent occupiers of adjacent properties are named.  Persons mentioned include John Fox, [blank] Webb, Candler Bird, John George Hart, John Marriott, Frederick Marriott, George Gudgeon, Mrs. Martha Diggon Marriott.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, a neat document in very good condition, bearing 2 red seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1848, between John Jeaffreson, of Islington, surgeon, Christopher Jeaffreson, of Edmonton, clerk, Henry Preston, of Worlingworth, estate agent, and Charles Harwick Marriott: conveyance of a freehold and copyhold estate at Stonham Aspall.  The property includes a messuage and farm with outhouses, orchards, etc., comprising about 126 acres, divided into pieces, viz.  pieces in Bushy Pasture or Reddow Field, Shockford, The Grove, Little Impaugh, Cart Horse Field, Backhouse Meadow, Norman’s, Tundrils, etc..  Recent occupiers of adjacent lands are named.  There are references to a few other local place-names including Warren Meadow, Winston Green.  Persons mentioned include Richard Noyer, Daniel Bonhote, Susan Bonhote, Elizabeth Moyes, James Webb, Frederick Webb, Robert Catchpole, Daniel Westley, John Wood, William H. Preston.  Written on 2 large sheets of vellum, in good condition, bearing 4 red wax seals and 3 blue revenue stamps.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1844, between Samuel Meek, of Bildestone, yeoman, Henry Grant, of Mile End, Middlesex, builder, and his wife, Sarah, and Samuel Golding, of Walsham le Willows: conveyance of a messuage and land at Woolpit with assignment of a term to attend the inheritance.  The property, known as The House on the Green, includes a barn, orchard, yards, gardens and land.  Recent occupiers are named.  Reference is made to earlier indentures, dated 1825 and 1831.  Persons mentioned include William Proctor, George Creed, James Tompson, Thomas Richer, William Cuthbert, Robert Ramsey, Thomas Fox Simpson.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 4 red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £18


[Manuscript]  A substantial indenture, 1846, between Charles Turner, of Norwich, James Cuddon the younger, Richard Payne, of Bury St. Edmunds, land surveyor, George Boldero, of Ashfield Magna, farmer, and William Salmon, of Bury St. Edmunds: release of a messuage, lands and hereditaments in Elmswell and Norton.  The property include 5 parcels of land in Norton and 2 parcels of land in Elmswell, with houses, outhouses, orchards, barns, etc..  The position of the property is described, naming recent occupiers of adjacent lands.  Reference is made to an earlier indenture, 1828, of lease and release. Persons mentioned include Timothy Holmes, William Lawrence Fison, George Biddle, John Clarke, Frederick Wing, John Fox, Robert Garrod, William Brown, John Swanton Turner, John Bainbridge.  Written on 4 sheets of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 5 red wax seals and 4 blue revenue stamps.  £22


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1884, between George Boby, of Bury St. Edmunds, maltster and corn merchant, and Rev. Francis James Warmoll, of Stowmarket, a Roman Catholic priest: conveyance of a messuage and premises in Stowmarket.  The property included a capital messuage with coach house, stables, paddock, etc., “fronting and abutting upon the turnpike road to Ipswich”.  Inset is an attractive coloured plan, which shows the property in relation to adjacent properties, the road and other geographical features.  The plan contains references to an accompanying schedule, which contains descriptions of the adjoining lands.  A second schedule gives short mentions of six earlier related indentures, 1857-1884.  Persons mentioned include William Green, John George Hart, John Mumford, John Mills, Barnabas Bond, Ann Hart, Mary Cuthbert, Mattyward Simpson, Elizabeth Cuthbert, S. Westhorp.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, with a small tear on one fold causing loss of one word of text (the word can be predicted with certainty), otherwise in good condition, bearing one red seal and two red revenue stamps.  £20


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1873, between George William Forsdick, of Stowmarket, tailor, Thomas Alderton, of Ipswich, and James Gudgeon, of Stowmarket: conveyance of a dwelling house and premises in Ipswich Street, Stowmarket, subject to a mortgage for securing £500 and interest.  The exact position of the property, near Church Lane, is described in relation to adjacent properties, with names of a number of recent occupiers.  Persons mentioned include Elizabeth Mary Forsdick, George Harrington, Henry Rose, John Smith, William Good, Sarah Spooner, Robert Folkard, Manning Prentice, John Flewin, James Adams, John Aldis, John Hunt, William Fiddeman, Samuel Ward, Jeremiah Sheldrake, Martha Harris, John Edward Bellchambers, Benjamin Birkitt, George Gudgeon.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 3 red seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1878, between Carl Fehn, of Hanover, Germany, “Royal Hanoverian Chief Riding Master”, Elizabeth Ada Fehn, his wife, and Alfred Salwey, of Overton, Shropshire: transfer of a mortgage for £1,000 secured on property in Suffolk belonging to William Louis Parry.  The property included the Manor of Fleet Hall (with Waltham Hall).  Many place-names are mentioned, e.g. Mendlesham, Little Stonham, Mickfield, Lower Damants, Great Holmes, Great Mill Field, and a detailed schedule is incorporated which names or describes about 70 pieces of land alongside their sizes in acres, rods and perches.  The reverse side of one of the sheets contains a closely related indenture of 1879.  Persons mentioned include Elizabeth Ada Plunknett, Rev. Llewelyn Lewellin, Edward Billopp Lawrence,, Rev. Thomas Lloyd, Elizabeth Ann Barclay (of Cornwall), Thomas Burghall, Richard Bolton Barton.  Written on 3 sheets of vellum, with some spotting, in good condition, bearing 3 red wax seals and 2 revenue stamps.  £22


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1865, between Henry Spink, of Holbrook, carpenter and builder, and John Spurling, of Shotley: mortgage of copyhold hereditaments in Holbrook.  The property described includes The Hermitage Cottage held in the Manor of Holbrook.  Persons mentioned include Joseph Catt, Robert Jewesson.  A neat document written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 2 red  seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £18


  Suffolk manuscripts

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