[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1863, between George Wright, Thomas Wright, both of Elmswell, farmers, Louis Borley, of Elmswell, farmer, Eliza Borley, and George Borley, of Elmswell, farmer: conveyance of the freehold parts of a messuage, buildings, lands and premises at Elmswell.  Reference is made to the Manor of Elmswell.  The property is described, mentioning Harts Croft and a meadow lying at Redleys “and lands formerly belonging to the Monastery of Bury St. Edmunds”, and the names of a few recent occupiers of adjacent properties.  Two schedules are incorporated, the first describing the lands with references to the tithe map, and the second summarising related legal documenst, 1850-1857.  Persons mentioned include Henry Green, George Randall, James Bennett, Thomas Elliston, Nice Elliston, John Marsh, Robert Fiske, John Palmer, Richard Crowe, Robert Wright, Robert Elliston Wright, Frederick Nunn, Enoch Wright, Mary Ann Wright, George Mulley, Naomi Mulley, Rebecca Elliston, Emma Wright, James Wright, Sophia Wright, Charles Nunn, Thomas M. Gilding.  Written on 2 sheets of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 5 red wax seals and 1 blue revenue stamp.  £22


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1883, between William Tydeman, of Stowmarket, broker, Sarah Cracknell, of Ipswich, Samuel Forsdike, of Ipswich, carpenter, and George John Sumners, stationer: conveyance of cottages and other hereditaments at Coddenham for £300, including carpenters’ shops and bake-offices.   Recent occupiers of adjacent properties are named. Inset is a plan depicting its situation in relation to Coddenham Street, Love Lane and other features.  The reverse side includes a memorandum of a related 1901 indenture.   Persons mentioned include John Marriott, Patience Peck, Benjamin Bloomfield, Arthur Barker, [no forename] Kent, [no forename] Haggard,  Robert Proctor, [no forename] Moare, [no forename] Brown, Thomas Chenery, Maria Forsdike, Louie Sumners, Edmund Waller, F.B. Jennings, Frederick Samuel Watcham.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in good condition, bearing 3 red wax seals and two red revenue stamps. £20


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1866, between John Edward Bellchambers, of Stowmarket, tailor, and James Gudgeon, of Stowmarket: mortgage for securing £500 and interest.  The property included a plot of land at Lime Tree Place in Stowmarket; two messuages in Stowmarket, the exact position of which is described in relation to adjacent properties, giving the names of some recent occupiers and mentioning Crow Street, Ipswich Street and Church Lane; and also some leasehold messuages in Wandsworth, Surrey.  Persons mentioned include Thomas Harwood, Ebenezer Hitchcock, Isaac Clover, George Harrington, Henry Rose, John Smith, William Good, Sarah Spooner, Robert Folkerd, Manning Prentice, John Hearn, James Adams, John Aldis, John Hunt, William Fiddeman, Samuel Wood, Jeremiah Sheldrake, Martha Harris, George Gudgeon, Charles Burton, Simon Battley Jackaman, James Ferguson.  Written on 4 sides of paper, folio, in very good condition, bearing one  red wax seal and an embossed revenue stamp.  £12


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1846, between James Cuddon the elder, of Norwich, Isaac Taylor, of Needham Market, yeoman, George Hayward, of Wetheringsett, and William Caldecott, of Bloomsbury, Middlesex: conveyance of a piece of land at Woolpit, which was partly freehold and partly copyhold in the Manor of Woolpit.  Its position is described, mentioning Slade Lane, and is also illustrated by a neat coloured plan, with names of occupiers of adjacent properties, and showing the road from Stowmarket to Woolpit.  Reference is made to a public sale held at the Swann Inn.  Persons mentioned include William Newman Walker, John  Newman Walker, Gibbon Newman Walker, Carrington Nunn, George Gardiner, Lawrence Gibbon, Simon Gages, Edward Cross, John Gibbon, Mr. Bacon, Rev. Luke Hood Page, Windsor Parker.  Written on two large  sheets of vellum, in good condition, bearing 4  red wax seals and 2 blue revenue stamps.  £22


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1829, between Mary Ann Sturgeon, of Woolpit, Joseph Barrell, of Wetherden, farmer, James Gudgeon, of Stowmarket, George Kettle, of Kindersley, farmer, and Thomas Button, of Kindersley, innholder: merger of term in and release of a piece of land at Great Ashfield.  Some names of recent occupiers of the land are given.  Reference is made to an earlier indenture of 1825.  Persons mentioned include Mary Ritcher, Robert Pollard, Philip Mudd, Thomas Rutter.  Written on a single large sheet of vellum, in good condition, bearing 3  red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £15


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1871, between James Gudgeon, of Stowmarket, David Morley, farmer, David Edward Morley, merchant, Anne Morley, all three of Mellis, Thomas Daniel Taylor, of Bury St. Edmunds, farmer, and William George Gooderham, of Kenninghall, Norfolk, farmer: conveyance of messuages and premises at Stowmarket.  The property was in Bury Street.  Its exact position is described in relation to adjacent properties, with names of recent occupiers.   Persons mentioned include John Phillips, William Clarke, John Cobbold, Francis Betts, Stevens and Company, Thomas Cuthbert, John Coe Mills, Thomas Crispin, Palmer, Elizabeth Cooper, Daniel Revett, John Colson, William Matthew, John George Hart, Henry Cross, “the Misses Green”, Isaac Arnold, Thomas Gunn, Harry William Cooper.  The reverse side contains  several signatures, a receipt, and memoranda of two later indentures, 1882.  Written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 6  red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1867, between James Collins, of Ipswich, upholsterer, David Arthur Barnes, of Sternfield, farmer, and David Barnes, his father: lease of a farm at Combs, Great Finborough and Little Finborough for 8 years.  The property included a messuage and farm formerly occupied as two farms called Jarrold’s and White’s, with 4 cottages, barns, stables, gardens, orchards, etc..  A few occupiers of adjacent properties are named.  Persons mentioned include John Green, Joseph Green, George Whiting, John Mardwell, Robert Nunn, William Scarf, Hasell Rodwell.  Written on two sheets of vellum, with a small hole causing loss of one word of text, otherwise  in good condition, bearing 2 red wax seals and two blue revenue stamps.  £18


[Manuscript]  An indenture, 1803, between Robert Johnson, of Combs, farmer, John Robinson, of Combs, and Edward Lockwood, of Stowmarket, innholder:  release of freehold and copyhold premises in Combs.  The property included a messuage, lands, outhouses, gardens, orchards, etc., and other messuages, lands, etc. in Combs and adjoining places.  Persons mentioned include Charles Lockwood, James Durrant.  Written on 2 sheets of vellum, in good condition, bearing 3 red wax seals and two blue revenue stamps.  £18

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