[Manuscript] A substantial indenture, 1835, between Robert Palmer, of Holme Park, Sonning, Berkshire, Thomas Rhodes, of Davies Street, Berkeley Square, Middlesex, William Fisher, of Alvescott, William Ward, of Burford, stationer, and James Scarlett Price, of Burford: release of freehold and assignment of leasehold property in Bampton. Three schedules are included, and much previous history is recalled through earlier transactions. Local place-names include The Dairy Ground, Inn Mead, Brookfast Furlong, Lampats, The Beam, The second lane, Hangmans Close (formerly known as Lankats), The Gogfield.  Other persons mentioned include John Roberts, Sir Anthony Buller, Charles Bourchier, William Roberts, Jonathan Arnatt, John Williams Clinch, John Mander, Gascoigne Frederick, John Barker, Richard Parker, William Townsend, John Waring, Ann Waring, Elizabeth Martin, Katherine King, Paul Holton, William Cole, Phyllis Hindrey, William Grace, Joseph Shurrey, Bernard Green, Thomas Wright, Thomas Latham, Henry Dixon, William Collison.  Written on 9 large sheets of vellum, bearing 3 red wax seals and 9 blue revenue stamps; signatures of witnesses; in good condition, some spotting. 20 pounds


[Manuscript] Administration, 1824, with the will annexed, of the goods, etc., of Henry Bennett, of Grafton.  The will was made in 1803 and was found in the house of the deceased among his papers. The bequests include freehold estates at Grafton, Alscot and Clanfield. Among the legatees are his wife, two sons, and two daughters, Rachel Taylor and Hannah Brown, and his wife’s son, William Pauling. Written on a single sheet of vellum, with the award attached bearing the seal of the Archbishop of Cantebury and one blue revenue stamp; in very good condition. 10 pounds


OXFORD COUNCIL ACTS 1752-1801, M.G. Hobson, Oxford Univ. Press, 1962; including mention of many ordinary people; appendices; index; xxxvii+334pp; 8vo; orig. green cloth gilt, a very good copy. 10 pounds


OXFORD COUNCIL ACTS 1665-1701, M.G. Hobson, Oxford Historical Society, 1939; including mention of many ordinary people; appendices (including Window Tax returns); index; xliii+394pp; 8vo; orig. green cloth gilt, a very good copy. 12 pounds


SOME NOTES OF THE HISTORY OF THE PARISH OF WHITCHURCH, OXON., Rev. John Slatter, 1895; map frontispiece; ix+150pp; a few neat internal library marks and a tidy library label gummed to upper cover, orig. cloth gilt, a good, firm copy.  20 pounds



ed. J. Gibson, Oxfordshire Record Soc., Vol. 59, 1994; index of personal names, index of places; xxiv+296pp; 8vo; orig. card covers, virtually as new. 13 pounds


THE VISITATION OF OXFORDSHIRE 1669 AND 1675, G.D. Squibb, Harleian Society, 1993; many pedigrees, index of names, index of places, xv+137 pp.; 4to; orig. gilt dec. cloth, virtually as new. 15 pounds


CALENDAR OF THE COURT BOOKS OF THE BOROUGH OF NEW WOODSTOCK 1588-1595, ed. R.F. Taylor, Oxfordshire Record Soc., Vol. 63, 2002; includes references to many ordinary people; 3 appendices; index of persons, index of places, index of subjects; l+158pp; 8vo; orig. cloth gilt, dust-jacket, virtually as new. 8 pounds


Oxfordshire Record Society; all 8vo; original pictorial wrappers:


PAROCHIAL COLLECTIONS (THIRD PART) OF WOOD AND RAWLINSON, A. Wood & R. Rawlinson, 1929; 225-383pp; a good, firm copy. 12 pounds


A COLLECTION OF CHARTERS RELATING TO GORING, STREATLEY AND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, 1181-1546, T.R. Gambier-Parry, in 2 Parts, Vols. 13 & 14, 1931-32; illus. frontispiece in each Part (one being a folding map); index of persons and places, index of subjects; xcix, 283pp; exteriors darkened and a little rubbed, a good, firm set. 16 pounds


TUSMORE PAPERS, ed. L.G.W. Legg, 1939; index; 110pp; a good, firm copy. 12 pounds


PROGRESS NOTES OF WARDEN WOODWARD ROUND THE OXFORDSHIRE ESTATES OF NEW COLLEGE, OXFORD 1659-1675, R.L. Rickard, 1949; index; 100pp; a good, firm copy. 15 pounds



ed. J.R.H. Weaver & A. Beardwood, 1958; detailed abstracts of wills, with list of testators, index of place names, index of subjects; 115pp; a very good copy. 10 pounds


HENLEY BOROUGH RECORDS, ASSEMBLY BOOKS i - iv, 1395-1543, ed. P.M. Briers, Vol.XLI, 1960; indexes; 263 pp.;

a very good copy. 8 pounds


OXFORDSHIRE HUNDRED ROLLS OF 1279, ed. P. Hyde, 1968; 1: The Hundred of Bampton. 2: The Hundred of Witney; index of persons; 108pp; a very good copy. 8 pounds


THE LETTER-BOOKS OF SAMUEL WILBERFORCE 1843-68, ed. R.K. Pugh, 1970; including 728 abstracts; indexes; xviii+438pp; original card covers, a very good copy. 10 pounds


MANORIAL RECORDS OF CUXHAM, OXFORDSHIRE, CIRCA 1200-1359, ed. P. D. A. Harvey, Oxfordshire Record Society, 1976; illus. with 2 plates; appendices; index; errata slip; xviii+839pp.; a very good copy. 10 pounds


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