SONGS OF A MOORLAND PARISH, Ammon Wrigley, Saddleworth, 1912; A collection of verse and prose, chiefly relating to the parish of Saddleworth; with much local information including some extracts from local records; list of subscribers; portrait frontispiece and 27 other illus.; 8vo; orig. green cloth gilt, upper hinge a little worn, otherwise a very good copy, some unopened leaves. 35 pounds


[Manuscript] A mortgage indenture, 1746, between Samuel Kettle, of Campsall, wheelwright, and William France, of Norton, butcher. The property included a messuage, orchard, etc., lying in Thorp in Balne, which was in the parish of Barnby Dun, the occupier being Sarah Pickhaver. The witnesses were William Lee and William Lee junior. Written on a single sheet of vellum, in good condition, spotted, bearing one red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp9 pounds


[Manuscript] An indenture, 1710, between Thomas Richardson, of York, barber surgeon, Mary Richardson, George Taylor, joiner, Ann Taylor, Francis Horsley, of Low Catton, yeoman, Grace Horsley, and William Gowland, of Knapton, yeoman: lease for a year of a messuage, etc., in Knapton, and a croft adjoining the Garr-end Field of Knapton, a broad lane, and a number of other items, which are described in some detail, mentioning various local place-names, e.g. Snapenook, Willow Trees, Weelpit, Paddock Land, Town-end Field, High Field, The Russlits, Town-end Land, Moore Close, Pryring Land, Low Field, Bow Land, Wetrow Close, Whinny Close, Broathes, Haver Close. Names are given of some recent occupiers. Signatures of witnesses and a memorandum on reverse side. Persons mentioned include William Shipton, John Marshall, Seth Nelson, John Gowland, Edward Lorryman, William Archer, John Rhodes, Thomas Gowland, Edmund Ashton, George Overend, Edmund Wordsworth. Written on a single large sheet of vellum, in generally good condition, spotted but fully legible, reverse side browned, bearing six red wax seals and two blue revenue stamps25 pounds


[Manuscript] An indenture, 1865, between William James Maxwell, Richard Blaney Wade, John Oliver Hanson, Henry Paull, The Hon. Eliot Thomas Yorke, all of London, William Skinner, late of Stockton, Durham, but now of East Coatham, Yorkshire, George Skinner, of Stockton, and George Nixon Duck, of East Coatham: conveyance of a parcel of freehold ground and 6 dwelling-houses in James Street, South Stockton, in the township of Thornaby, North Riding. An exact description is given of the position of the property in relation to Denmark Street, Queen Street East, local roads, and adjacent properties, of which a number of recent occupiers are named. The document includes a coloured plan and a schedule describing some earlier indentures, 1839-1860. Persons mentioned include Charles Heaton Ellis, Francis Dixon Johnson, Edward Lord Rokeby, Sir Henry Hugh Hoare, Charles Hoare, Henry Merrick Hoare, Hugh Richard Hoare, Henry Charles Hoare, William Smith, John Whalley, Henry Cowap, James Ruddell, William Henry Sharp, John Melville, John Holton Webster, Thomas Skinner, Robert Gregory. Small folio; written on 9 sides of paper, in good condition, outer cover stained. 10 pounds


[Manuscript] An indenture, 1831, between John Bradshaw, of Walkley, Sheffield, grinder, and John Staniforth, of Sheffield: lease for a year of 4 cottages, and a croft (except for a part of it on which a school has lately been built), at Walkley. Persons mentioned include John Thompson, William Blunn, George Collier, William Taylor. A small, neat document written on a single sheet of vellum, in very good condition, bearing 2 red wax seals and one blue revenue stamp10 pounds


[Manuscript] Five receipts for legacies, 1794-5, arising from the will of Mary Ford, late of Doncaster, widow. Some contain biographical notes, e.g. Hannah Burley, of Doncaster, spinster, one of the servants living with Mrs. Mary Ford, at the time of her death. The executors were Edward Chorley, of Doncaster, Doctor of Physic, and Timothy Clarke, of the same place, grocer. Most receipts bear embossed revenue stamps and signatures of one witness. All on paper, in good condition. 7 pounds


Introduction, And Incidental Notices Of The Castle, Town, And Neighbourhood; 2 illus.; index; xxx+112pp; small 4to;
orig. gilt dec. green cloth, faded, a sound copy. 15 pounds Previously owned by J.R.H. Moorman’s (son-in-law of G.M. Trevelyan)


BAINES: YORKSHIRE: A NEW PRINTING OF HISTORY, DIRECTORY AND GAZETTEER OF THE COUNTY OF YORK, E. Baines, [1823], Vol. 2 only (of 2), David & Charles Reprints, 1969; East and North Ridings; 16+615+3pp; 8vo; orig. red cloth gilt, dust-jacket, sound copy. 30 pounds


CASTLE HOWARD, ITS ANTIQUITY AND HISTORY: THE ANCESTRAL HOME OF THE HOWARDS, (reprinted), The Mitre Press, n.d.; 2 illus., 19pp; small 8vo; orig. dec. cloth, a good, firm copy, top edge spotted. 10 pounds


FASTI PAROCHIALES, Vol. IV, ed. Norah K.M. Gurney & Sir Charles Clay, Yorks. Arch. Soc., 1971; Being notes on the advowsons and pre-Reformation incumbents of the parishes in the Deanery of Craven; folding sketch map; index; xvii+153pp; 8vo; orig. gilt dec. brown cloth, in very good condition. 5 pounds


THE PLACE-NAMES OF THE WEST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE, Part 4, A.H. Smith, English Place-name Society,

Vol. 32, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1961; Barkston Ash, Skyrack and Ainsty Wapentakes; folding map, xii+262pp; 8vo; orig. cloth, a firm volume, spine a little faded. 5 pounds


DARLINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARY LOCAL HISTORY PUBLICATIONS, Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 1971-5; each issue comprising a paper on a topic of local interest; illus., A4; pictorial card covers. 5 pounds


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